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Melbourne Marathon Festival 2015: Results


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Melbourne Marathon Festival 2015: Results

Chris White

Yesterday was a BIG day for GoRun.  Our first major event in the spring / summer running calendar came and went with the Melbourne Marathon Festival.  Five GoRun coached runners entered in the 10km (2 Go Runners), Half Marathon (2 Go Runners) and Marathon (1 Go Runner) all performed amazingly well and I am extremely proud of what we managed to achieve together!  So here are the results:

Ben Jeeves - Marathon - 3:37

Sally Maple - Half Marathon - 1:48:00 (PB!!)

Carleen Chisholm Harawira - Half Marathon - 3:07 (First half marathon in 12 years!!)

Carrie Marshall - 10km - 47:20

Cassie Haslam - 10km - 58:12 (First ever 10km & PB!!)

These results speak for themselves and definitely make up for the many kilometres slogging along beach road over the past few months!  There have been ups, downs, injuries, sickness, work commitments, excitement, trepidation but most of all….dedication.  Certain members of this group have even been known to run 51km while on holidays and 15km on their birthday!! Now if thats not dedication, i don’t know what is! 

It was my great pleasure to coach all five Go Runners - so level headed, give anything a go attitude, trusting, caring, respectful, fun, authentic and all very very capable runners.

As for me, I managed to join the sub 3 hour marathon club yesterday (2:58:58) and I'm absolutely wrecked today.  I need to foam roller big time tonight…..

Happy days!


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