The 19 races that were sat in my trash folder...

If you are anything like me you are signed up to loads of different email lists that add absolutely no value to you, and you end up deleting the same emails from your inbox, selling you the same things each and every day.  Or so you think…..

I have deleted loads of these emails over the past few weeks.  I am training for my one 'Goosebump' event and am not signing up to anything else until that is done and dusted.  I am in the mindset where I don't even want to know about what is on offer.  However, for some reason, I decided to look back through my email inbox and trash yesterday afternoon.  I virtually never do this, so I am not sure what was wrong yesterday, perhaps I hadn’t eaten enough??

Anyway, to my surprise, there was actually some useful running related stuff in there!  It would appear that we are in 'race promotion season’ at the moment as I have received emails detailing no less that 19 different races or running festivals, urging me to sign up and run.  So, in order to save you the hassle of trawling through your inbox and trash folder to find out about these races over the coming months, I have done it for you…. 

Below are the dates, race names and web links that I have received information about over the past few weeks.  Enjoy!

17 February - Sunset Series - Princes Park 4km 8km

21 February - Yarra Boulevard 15km, 10km & 5km Run

2 March - Sunset Series - The Tan 4km 8km

12-14 March - Tassie Trail Fest (too many distances to list!) 

19 March - Brewsters Beer Run 10km 21km

20 March - Run for the Kids 5km 16km

28 March - Williamstown Foreshore 15km, 10km & 5km 

9-10 April - Australian Running Festival  50km 42km 21km 10km 5km

24 April - Princes Park 15km, 10km & 5km Run

8 May - Wings for Life - Melbourne  (As far as you can run!)            

14-15 May - Great Ocean Road Marathon 6km 14km 23km 44km 60km

22 May - Como Landing Half Marathon, 14km & 7km

19 June - Albert Park Half Marathon, 10km & 5km

25 June - Surf Coast Trail Marathon 42km, 21km

2-3 July - Gold Coast Airport Marathon 42km 21km 10km 5.7km

17 July - Princes Park Winter Running Festival  30km 21km 10km 5km

20-21 August - Wonderland Run 2km, 8km, 20km, 36km        

18 September - Yarra Boulevard Half Marathon, 10km & 5km

16 October - Melbourne Marathon Festival 42km 21km 10km 5.7km

I am sure that there are plenty more races going on during this time, so please feel free to comment and add to this list if there is a race that you would like to recommend to other runners out there!

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