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Go Run Australia is a run coaching service based in Melbourne, helping runners learn, improve and enjoy their running. We have a regular run group, personal run coaching and awesome, personalised training plans for your next event.

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What are runners saying? 


"OMG, Chris thank you so much. I could never have done the 10K without you, I've never felt fitter and can't believe I am saying this but I'm also looking forward to starting a new plan, which will get me Run for the Kids ready!" 

- Cassie, Melbourne

“Loving it! Structure and routine is great for me and being accountable to someone. I don't have to think or stress about my training plan now!”

- Sally, Sydney

"The personalised plan has made me achieve my goal that I never thought would be possible.  When I crossed the finish line in the marathon, it was an overwhelming experience that I can't explain."

- Janelle, Melbourne