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Go Run Australia is a run coaching service based in Melbourne, helping runners learn, improve and enjoy their running. We have a regular run group, personal run coaching and awesome, personalised training plans for your next event.

training plans

Our Training Plans are way more than just a plan!  They add community, accountability, save you time and keep your running on track.  Your training plan is written for you alone and our trusted network of partners is there to help you set your goals, learn about nutrition, strength training, how to improve your lifestyle and your health. 


$147 per month

"It was way more than just a plan.  It took my running to the next level."

Your Go Run Monthly Training Package is more than just a plan.  It saves you time and stress whilst adding accountability, community an awesome network of health professionals and your own personal running coach.  Our runners have described having their own training plan and their own personal coach as "the secret missing link" for their training and their awesome results speak for themselves!  Check out some of their stories here

Your Go Run Monthly Training Package includes:

  • A personalised monthly training plan designed to save you the time and stress of planning your own training.  Your plan is specifically designed by a qualified Recreational Running Coach to fit in with your life and your goals, giving you structure and a sense of achievement as you tick things off each day.
  • Unlimited, follow up and correspondence with Coach Chris to increase accountability and keep you motivated, way beyond the critical 6 weeks that most people fall at.
  • Access to education, information evenings and training with our awesome network of healthy Go Run partners, specifically designed to help you improve your health and running. 
  • Access to the private online Go Runners Community - share stories, progress, videos, questions and interviews with other runners to help keep you motivated!
  • Access to your plan from anywhere in the world via Google Drive.  Particularly great for those that travel and live outside of Australia.
  • Regular emails, podcasts and updates from Coach Chris on the real running issues that are of importance to you, to keep you motivated, improving and enjoying your running.