GoRun Australia coaches everyday runners to overcome the biggest challenges that they face with their running.  So many runners that I speak to struggle with things like:

"finding a balance with fitting in quality training and working full time."  

"managing the boundary from comfortable to uncomfortable."

“knowing how to push myself."

"the constant battle of being in my own head space whilst running."

"getting discouraged that I'm not as fast as I was"

"sticking to the commitment I've made"


GoRun is all about coaching beginner and intermediate level runners who want to enjoy their running, learn more and like to laugh!  Whether your goal is a personal best at parkrun, a sub 2 hour half marathon or finishing your first marathon, runners at GoRun have achieved these goals with the help of run coaching, and you can too. 

I started GoRun to help everyday runners who want to improve.  Many runners feel a little stuck or frustrated with their running and they keep making the same mistakes, running the same times and getting the same injuries.  I have certainly been there myself.  I have used coaches to improve my own running technique, complete Ironman triathlons, learn about recovery, improve my running strength and more.  Now I have the awesome job of using that knowledge to help the runners that I coach.

Coaching with GoRun will not only give you handy tips and advice from a qualified coach to improve your running, but also give you that all important training structure, encouragement and community support.  I have seen so many of our runners overcome mental and physical barriers and achieve their running goals, which is what makes my job so worthwhile.