I want to run a half marathon and maybe a marathon, but I don’t know where to start. Can you help me?

Yes Absolutely!  Marathons and half marathons are some of the most common distances that we coach for at GoRun.  Coach Chris even decided to run 17 of them in one year, so there is a fair bit of experience amongst the coaches!  It can be tough to know where to start and then to stay consistent in the longer term, so we try and take away the stress, plus add in accountability for you along the way. We also don’t start you beyond what you can do, our aim is to get you running consistently and then build from there. 

I want to run a marathon, how long do you think I need to train?

In our experience, you need a minimum of 12-16 weeks.  It takes a while for the body to adapt to the training that you are giving it, so leave plenty of time.  Obviously this depends on your current level of fitness, how much time you can commit each week to your marathon goal and your running history as well.  Our coaches will chat to you about these things at the beginning of your training, to aassess whether this is realistic or not. Have a chat to one of our coaches if you aren’t sure!

I am very injury prone, how can your coaching help me get back running?

As coaches and runners ourselves we know about injuries!  They can be so frustrating and stop all that progress that you’ve made.  Our number one aim is to try and keep you injury free. Without that, you can’t be consistent and can’t achieve what you are looking to do.  We have strategically linked up with physios, exercise physiologists, massage therapists and podiatrists to help us with this, so that we can call on the necessary expertise to help you along the way.  We also add in strengthening, stretching and rolling sessions to our training plans to keep you strong and mobile. Our coaches are also fully aware of the times and situations where most injuries occur so we do our best to avoid them!  If the worst does happen, we work with your physio and health professional to get you back up and running again safely. 

I have a busy work and family life. Do your training plans work around family and work?

Yes!  This is absolutely what we want to do for you.  our coaches are there to support you and set up a training plan that is realistic as well as challenging you to improve.  This is all done within the boundaries that you set. If you can’t run on a certain day, that’s absolutely fine. The plans are also shared online so that they can be adapted quickly if life suddenly gets in the way.

What does it include and how much does it cost? 

Each training plan lasts for 4 weeks and costs $199 per plan. That includes unlimited access to all 8 Run Group Sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings in Melbourne. This also includes your own personal coach and all the correspondence that you can throw at them!  You will get an individualised training program, written by your own qualified and experienced coach. This training program is hosted on the Final Surge Platform and is accessible from anywhere in the world through the Final Surge App. On top of this, you will have access to our internal community of like-minded runners training for similar events to you so you can ask questions, gain support and keep accountable.

How do I sign up for a training plan?

Just click on https://www.gorun.com.au/shop/trainingplan  fill in the details and your new coach will get in touch with you straight away to kick things off.

Where are your run groups based?

We have two run groups available for you to join.  Our Tuesday evening session is based at the famous Tan Track in Melbourne and our Wednesday session is based in Port Melbourne at the Port Melbourne Yacht Club at the end of Bay st.

What time and how long is run group?

Tuesday: Starts at 6.00pm and goes for an hour/finishes approximately 7.00pm

Wednesday: Starts at 6.15pm and goes for an hour/finishes approximately 7.15pm

How much does it cost?

One Session: $10 per session 

Run Group Monthly Membership: $25 per month and access to all 8 sessions. 

Runners already on Training Plans: All run groups are included in the monthly cost of your training plan. 

You can book in for any of these options here: https://www.gorun.com.au/shop 

How far do you run in each session? 

Each session varies, but they are mostly between 5km and 8km in total.  There are plenty of breaks throughout, you will not be constantly running.  Our coaches will adapt the session based on any niggles or issues that you have raised.

Do you offer a trial session?

Yes. If you’re not sure if we are the right fit for you come along and try it out. We offer one free session.

I’m worried about being last and the slowest!

Don’t stress.  Almost everybody says these words as they come along to Run Group for the first time.  Our aim is that anyone should be able to come along. The coaches will cater the sessions to your ability and no one gets left behind.