Personalised Monthly Training Plan


Personalised Monthly Training Plan

199.00 every 4 weeks

This is "the secret, missing link" for your training!

Your Go Run Australia personal monthly training plan saves you time and stress whilst giving you the accountability, community and personal coaching touch that you need.  Our runners have described having their own training plan and their own personal coach as "the secret missing link" for their training!  This is our most popular product BY FAR and the results from our runners are speaking for themselves!

Your Go Run training plan includes:

  • A personalised monthly training plan designed to save you the time and stress of planning your own training. Your plan is specifically designed by a qualified Recreational Running Coach to fit in with your life and your goals, giving you structure and a sense of achievement as you tick things off each day.

  • Unlimited, personalised follow up and correspondence with Coach Chris to increase accountability and keep you motivated.

  • Access to the private online Go Runners Facebook Community - get motivated, share stories, progress, videos, questions and interviews with other runners to help keep you on track.

  • Online access to your training plan from anywhere in the world. Particularly great for those that travel and live outside of Australia.

  • Access to $$ discounts and offers from Go Run Australia trusted network of partners.

  • Regular emails, videos and podcasts by Coach Chris addressing your running challenges and the real running issues like nutrition, strength training and stretching that are of importance to you.