From Fun Run to Trail Running World Championships: Kellie Emmerson

In Episode 2 of 'The Go Run Show’, I the had the pleasure of chatting to world class ultra / trail Runner, Kellie Emmerson. Here is a runner that does things for the pure love of the sport. She is a coach, brand ambassador on top of being a world class runner and seems to love the role that she can play in helping people to run better.

I chatted to her about her first fun run, her recent trip to the Trail Running World Championships in Portugal where she represented Australia, her diet, training, coaching and pieces of advice that has received in her career so far. I also discover a great motto that she tends to live by and that she (like me!) is a bit of a foodie with a liking for all things chocolate!

I really hope you enjoy this discussion and that you feel like me by the end, that we are very lucky to be part of a community of runners with supportive and engaging people like Kellie as part of it.


1:53 half marathon to 100km record holder: Kirstin Bull

How do you go from a 1hr 53 half marathon to winning marathons and ultras, breaking records and representing Australia at the 100km World Championships?  Ask Kirstin Bull....

Kirstin Bull has won the Two Bays Trail Run and Great Ocean Road Marathon multiple times and smashed the Australian 100km record last year. For our FIRST EVER GO RUN PODCAST, I chatted to Kirstin about her running and even reminisce about her first ever half marathon. She chats about her training, coaching, strength and conditioning work, nutrition and her advice for new runners who want to hit the trails or train for ultra distances. We also discuss her wine or beer preferences ;-)

Check it out!

Kirstin is racing at the 100km World Championships in Spain in September and is fundraising to support that effort. You can find more info and donate here 

Good luck Kirstin!


Are my shin splints frustrating? "**** yes!!"

Are my shin splints frustrating?  "**** yes!!"

A few weeks ago when I asked people what the number one challenge for beginner runners was, several people responded with injuries of various types.  Amongst the most popular (wrong word, I know!) was the dreaded shin splints.  As I promised at the time, I will be following up on your responses and getting opinion and expertise to help us overcome these challenges for beginner runners.  So, I asked Sally Maple from Port Melbourne Physio and Pilates to give me some expert advice on shin splints, what they are, why they occur and how we can treat them.  Here goes….

So what are shin splints?

"I just want to get fit and stop getting injured"

 I hear this phrase from runners all the time... 

"I just want to get fit and stop getting injured."  

Particularly at this time of year, we have a tendency to go too hard into a new fitness routine, too soon.  There is no quicker way to undo all of your hard work, than getting injured, and trust me, getting injured sucks!  The mere thought of it was enough to persuade me to do a short 5 minute video talking to Physiotherapist Sally Maple about running injuries and how to prevent them. I ask her about areas to watch out for and stretches and exercises to help keep you injury free.  

Click below!

Older doesn't mean slower! By the first person I coached

Older doesn't mean slower!  By the first person I coached

As you may know, Go Run is a small, young, start up company, but thankfully the good news stories and results are already starting to roll in!  I want to tell you about the first runner that I began coaching, my dad!  

He is nearly 62 years old and has run for recreation and fitness for over 30 years, completing 6 marathons (all of them under 4hrs 15 mins), over 20 half marathons, plus many other shorter races.  We began working together over a 14 week period to prepare him for the Great North Run half marathon in mid September and he managed to get his best half marathon time in 7 years (2:06:32)!  

Dealing with taper time

Dealing with taper time

Many of you will be lining up to start your races at the Melbourne Marathon Festival in less than two weeks time.  Congratulations on getting this far!  You will mostly have gone through the tough, long preparation for the 10km, half marathon or marathon distances and now entering a taper period, to freshen you up for race day.  This is a weird and wonderful couple of weeks where things are more likely to go wrong than right.  Many people can derail their races during this period, so I thought it would be useful to run through five 'race ready' tips with to help keep you focused and ready to roll when you get to the start line in under two weeks time.

Here goes...

Running the system

Running the system

In the immediate aftermath of any major event that I train for, I eat junk food and reflect. Post-Boston Marathon last year, I remember scaling new heights on both counts. The eating I am still working on, but to help my reflections I wrote a blog. So here goes….

Recovery is king

Recovery is king

Lots of athletes are keen to do the hard physical training, but not so keen to get the appropriate rest and recovery that will enable them to perform at their best when needed. This is a trait I can see in athletes all around me.  They are eager to get out for the next session, do the best they can, push limits and keep improving on those all consuming Garmin numbers… Sound familiar?